What Is The Best Way To Preserve Essential Oils?

October 07,2021

Pleasant scents may lift your spirits, which is the reason why increasing slews of people become big fans of fragrance products, like fragrance machine. However, the majority of individuals are unaware of how to preserve aroma essential oils.


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It is crucial to understand that, incorrect essential oil storage can not only affect their usefulness, but will also cause scents deterioration, resulting in a waste of money. Essential oils should be preserved properly depending on where they are utilized, as SCENTA aromatherapist said.


Household essential oils


For home use essential oil, our brand offers three sizes of bottles: 5ml, 10ml and 15ml, all of which are tiny in volume and filled in blue glass jar. Clear bottle should be avoided, despite the fact that glass does not react chemically with essential oils. We use blue glass bottles for filling since clear bottles can hasten the deterioration of essential oils owing to light catalysis.


TIPS: If you purchase a clear bottle of another brand, you can wrap it in paper or keep it in a light-proof box.


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How should we keep home use essential oils?


Q: Could it be preserved in refrigerator?


A: Of course not! Although the temperature in refrigerator is conducive to storage, as temperature difference is extremely large, more likely to lead the deterioration of essential oils. It is advisable to get a wooden box with a good seal to keep them warm and moisture-proof in a cold and dry environment.


Q: Why should we keep them in a moisture-proof environment?


A: As essential oils is fat-soluble and water-insoluble, if they are often used in humid place, water molecule in air may enter into bottle and cause the oil turbid and deteriorated.


Q: What should we do to prevent essential oil oxidizing and going bad?


A: The bottle cap needs to be tightly sealed. More and more air get into the bottle as the essential oil was used. To solve this problem, we can buy some small glass balls and place them into the bottle to exclude the air.


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Commercial essential oils


Our brand essential oils for commercial use offers 100-1000ml sizes. Several customers prefer to purchase a significant amount of essential oils at once to facilitate their scent marketing efforts, as in commercial environment, it requires a large consumption of many fragrance oils.


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How should we keep commercial essential oils?


In brief, the ways to store the essential oils are nearly identical, but there are notable variances. PET blue bottles and Aluminum bottles are adopted to fill with essential oils, which have a light catalysis property that is beneficial for storage.


Q: Are there any restrictions on where the storage will be kept?


A: A cool, dry, and constant temperature environment, such as basement or dedicated warehouse, is also required for storage, or a wooden cabinet with good seal if the quantity is modest.


Q: What is the best way to keep essential oils from oxidizing and deteriorating as the air in the bottle grows?


A: Divide the essential oils inside the main container into smaller bottles to reduce the air in the bottle.


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Essential oils for automobiles


Numerous individuals are becoming aware of this small and private space, thus they opt to utilize essential oils to build a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, how should essential oils be stored in the car?


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How should we keep the essential oils for automobiles?


Q: Does the high temperature in car has an effect on the storage?


A: Definitely yes! The high temperature inside the car is extremely harmful to the preservation of essential oils. Storing in car, they should be kept in a place where they will not be exposed to direct sunlight. It's not advisable to keep a large quantities of essential oils in the automobile, because this can prevent deterioration.


Q: Is it still okay to use essential oils if their scent has changed?


A: It's not recommended to continue using. Citrus essential oils, for example, can produce unpleasant chemicals after oxidation and deterioration, which are harmful to human respiratory system.


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Basically, essential oils, as the ingredients are more natural, require few antioxidant products. Moreover, there are some kinds of good essential oils without any additives. So when it comes to the preservation of these essential oils, it should be noted that the majority of their use time is relatively short, and the preservation location is also strict on environment. The dark bottles are primarily used to reduce oxidation and must be stored in a dry location once sealed in order to maintain their usefulness within the shelf life.


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SCENTA has a full range of scent diffuser products, which can meet the environmental fragrance needs in many usage scenarios such as home, commercial and automotive. Advanced atomization technology and exquisite manufacturing process help high-quality preservation and save consumption of essential oils. Choose SCENTA aroma machine, enjoy the comfortable aromatherapy experience brought by every drop of essential oil.