What Kinds of Scents Can Capture Consumers' Attention From A Psychological Standpoint?

September 27,2021

Scent Marketing


Commercial scent diffusers are progressively being utilized in business as societal affluence rises and scent marketing strategy develops as well.


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The impressive scent is prevalent among hotels, shopping malls, 4S stores, cinemas and other occasions. Perfumes are pleasant aroma of individuals. We splash it on before we leave the house in the hope of attracting a partner, or to disguise any lingering smells. So essential oil aromatherapy diffuser occupies a large potential market.


However, many people's concept of scent marketing is still at the stage where a pleasant scent can attract consumers, but they don't understand the reason why it happens.


Why do we have the ability to detect scents?


In a nutshell, olfactory is one of all senses that has a direct impact on the human psyche!


To make it more further and scientific: the olfactory mucosa in nasal cavity may convert the odor molecules into electrical signals, which are transmitted through nerves to the brain for processing. The nerve that transmits signals comes from our brains directly, which calls olfactory nerve and is the first pair in twelve cranial nerve pairs.


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The olfactory nerve is also a part of limbic system, which is involved in mediating instincts (e.g. sleep) and emotional behaviors, as well as playing a prominent role in learning and memory process.


As a result, we frequently recall unique smell-associated events when we catch a whiff of anything.


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Scents and the depths of memory


On the basis of scientific research, some kinds of scents can produce soothing brain waves, while others produce stimulated ones.


A whiff of grass scent might bring back memories of your carefree school days spent playing on the lawn; little newborns will cease crying or feel secure because they detect their mothers' body odor; we may repulse the uncomfortable smell of gas and burning. All of these examples above prove that smells can bring out related memory and emotional situation, aroma brings pleasure and smelly odor unease.


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Here comes the benefits of the scents from plants:


Camphor Oil - Aromatic and pleasant, help activate the mind.


Lemon and Mint - Motivate and concentrate the mind.


Nutmeg and Lavender - Soothe nerves and relief stress.


Citrus and Wood - Lively and spirit refreshing.


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Scent marketing machines sparked up by the quest of fragrance


Scent marketing arouse the interests of researchers and experts. The strategy utilizes various attractive fragrance from scented essential oil, which can stimulate the human brain, and generate different emotional brain waves to regulate human's mental state, improving the attractiveness of the sales environment to customers and visitors, therefore enhancing the persuasive power of marketing communication for brands.


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Bella Smith, a BS Psychology from Unibersidad De Manila (Graduated 2012) said, Scent is one of factors in one' s attraction towards another. When somebody smells good, we automatically perceive them as more attractive.


Companies use scent as a way to build up connections with customers' emotions; as a result, numerous varieties of aromatic oil diffusers have been developed and the essential oil aromatherapy in yoga is now widely practiced. All of these products stimulate the scent market, for the reason that scent has positive effects on emotion regulation, stress reduction, sleep enhancement and confidence. Moreover, we hold a belief that smell does not have any significance until it is associated with something meaningful at a moment. From this point, nerve linkage starts to be formed at this phase, while building relationship between smell and emotions. One characteristic that differentiates smell from other senses is the fact that the olfactory center interacts directly with the hippocampus allowing the formation of new memories(Andrew, 2007)


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Depending on the market and customers' requirement, there are broad ranges of products associated with perfumes and aromatherapy, for example the car aroma diffuser, commercial scent diffuser and home aroma machine. Aromatherapy, also referred to as essential oil treatment, is a sort of alternative medicine that uses scented essential oil obtained from diverse plant species to overcome various ailments. Essential oil has been utilized for centuries as a traditional medicine in many cultures. The prevalent of scent products and prosperity of scent market are always beneficial for people's health and stress relief, bring easy lifestyle to people.


To wrap up, aroma diffusers can introduce the experience of aromatherapy, which is a natural, eco-friendly and cost-effective way of treating common ailments as well as achieving general body health. However, before embarking on the world of scents, you need a efficient tool - scent diffuser machine.


Consumers are primarily interested in scents that are pleasant and calm, as well as those that have aromatherapy benefits, but normally it depends on people' s taste. Personalized fragrances - playing up to the fact that we all experience aroma in a different way - are not far off!