Why Scent Marketing is So Important Now

August 12,2021

You may have noticed that you may smell something very fragrant and nice when you walk into a restaurant or a large shopping mall. It is this scent that makes you feel great and want to spend more time in it. Actually, the secret lies behind it is the power of scent.Scent Diffuser Machine.jpg

What is scent marketing?

Scent marketing, also known as scent branding, is a rising sales tool which stimulates potential customers' behaviors by the olfactory advertising. The right fragrance and scent marketing strategy can help businessmen communicate a clear brand image. It can increase sales and brand loyalty by leaving a fragrant and deep impression on customers.

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Right now, multiple industries have harnessed the power of smell for years. For example, the car markets sell cars through their "new car smell", which is a result of scent-based tactics.

How can Scent Marketing help your business?

People's sense of smell is believed to affect 75% of our daily emotions. A comfortable environment with warm light, elegant and natural scent will create a deep impression on customers. In the upscale hotel, a top-grade club, a relaxing spa, and large shopping malls, nice fragrances always spread in the space, making you linger longer. It proves that the scent can evoke the emotions and memories of people.


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1.Scent can drive customers' behavior.

Smells can influence people's feeling. The nice and great smell can improve the mood of customers, driving them to linger longer in the fragrant environment. Customers who feel satisfied with the smell around them are more likely to try and buy products and spend more time in the nice environment.


For example, when you walk into the restaurant with nice smells, soft music, and spacious seat, you have the great desire to enjoy a great meal in the restaurant and spend more time chatting with your friends.


The research has proved that good smells make people spend more time and money. People in the casino are more prone to spend 45% more just by smelling the nice air.

2.Good scents can create lasting memory on customers.

Scent can directly connect to the section of the brain and that is responsible for memory and emotion. Humans can recognize about 10,000 different odors, and can recall some of the smells after one year. This is why a smell may have the ability to bring you back to the memory of a certain time and place.

3.Scent enhances brand recognition.

The smell can help create unforgettable and memorable experience in people's mind. The research shows that many customers choose to return to the store or the brand that is scented with nice smells.

4.Scent encourage repeat business.

The memory of a smell is more lasting in time than that of the taste. When people smell something from their old happy times or special occasions in their lives, their memories can be triggered by the smell.


Based on the properties of the smell, it can be a great way to keep your brand in the minds of customers. Maybe when they are in their free time, they are more likely to come to your store.


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To sum up, the scent can help enhance brand image and leave a deep impression on people. It can help convey the cultural and spiritual concept of a brand, and also provides a way for people to communicate with each other in a totally different yet nice way. The scent can be used in the office, thereby increasing productivity and keeping workers positive. In addition, nice scent can give people good mood when walking into a hotel, shopping mall, and restaurant. It can better encourage people to remember the products and the brand name.


As the importance of scent marketing more emphasized by various industries, many companies of manufacturing and offering scent machines spring up like mushrooms.

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