Why is Essential Oils Diffuser Making Life Better

August 12,2021

There's been a lot of buzzing about the essential oil diffuser as the needs of essential oils increase. In the market now, different types of diffusers are selling. In this article, the reasons why the diffuser is getting more and more popular will be explained.


How does the diffuser work?

Before telling the advantages of the diffuser, you should know how it works. Before using it, you can fill the tank with water, add an essential oil blend and turn it on. Inside the diffuser, ultrasonic waves are generated to break the oil into microscopic particles. The diffuser then releases this fine mist of essential oil and water into the air so that you can easily inhale pure plant medicine. The aroma can prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain – the same part of the brain that houses emotion and memory. Compared with other types of products like scented candles or wax melts, the diffuser won't produce any heat or mess.


In addition, it comes with many different appearances, colors, and functions. It can also serve as a perfect product for your high-end home decor.


Why use essential oil diffuser?

1.Safe use

There are many different types of machines and equipment that help diffuse fragrance. Among them, there are scented candles, wax melts, and evaporated diffusers, they can actually damage the quality of essential oils, alter their chemical composition, and aroma, and even can reduce the potency of their healing properties. However, a good-quality diffuser doesn't require heat instead of cold to blend the essential oils. It makes no mess and produces no heat. This kind of diffusers can better keep the natural ingredients of essential oils, thereby achieving the aromatherapy and healthy effect.


2.Preserve the quality of essential oils

Aside from being a great alternative to candles and other scented products, a high-quality diffuser can help you relax with different scents of essential oils and can make the best use of them. For example, lavender essential oil can help people sleep better; a vanilla scent can help lift your spirits; and the eucalyptus scent can help open your airways.


3.Easy to use and clean

As the technology advances, the diffusers are designed to be more user-friendly. For personal use, the diffusers are usually made to be compact in its size and elegant in its appearance. Its internal structure is designed more reasonably. In generally, most essential oil diffusers allow users to change and add essential oils very easily. Moreover, its materials should be specially selected to provide easy cleaning.


4.Double as a humidifier

When the diffuser works, it uses electricity to power subtle vibrations, which agitate water and trigger the oils to disperse. Based on its working principle, it helps introduce great-smelling moisture into the air, offering you cool and fragrant living environment.


5.Serve as a perfect home decor

As the needs of diffusers increase, there are many different types of diffusers springing up like bamboo shoots. To attract customers, some of them are designed to be animal-shaped like a cute owl while others are printed with chic colorful patterns.


How to select good-quality diffusers?

According to the features of diffusers mentioned above, the ultrasonic diffusers and air pump type are highly recommended. We, Scenta, as a professional and patented manufacturer and supplier of scent machines, have rich experience in the industry. With strong R&D capability supported by over 30 senior engineers and manufacturing capacity, we can design, develop, and manufacture high-quality diffusers for both fragrance and pure essential oils. Our diffusers are all granted with national certifications and international certifications including SGS, FCC, CE, RoHS, and REACH. After undergoing decades of development and growth, we have spread our scent business to over 80 countries and regions, including America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. You may click www.scentachina.com for more information.


To sum up, a high-quality essential oil diffuser can help create a relaxing and comfortable living environment, and improve your life quality as well.