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We are a professional Aroma Diffuser & Soap Dispenser Manufacturer,Our mission is providing good quality product and best service to make our customer business more competitively and valuable. Scenta is a famous brand of aroma diffusers and support OEM&ODM services. With 12 years' experience in research and development, we insist in the concept of continuous innovation, devoting to providing stable quality products and guarantee customer satisfaction. Our aim is to be No.1 manufacturer of scent machine to provide excellent quality products with the competitive price for customers.

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  • 13 2020-04
    SCENTA Scent Marketing

    SCENTA Scenta’s mission is to assist our customers to achieve business goals with the help of scent marketing. Scenta is a pioneering scent delivery system manufacturer, the exclusive owner of the cutting edge atomizing technologies-Nano technology and Twin-fluid spray technology. Our aroma machines which deliver safe fragrance without heat can provide you a comfortable fragrance experience, Contributing competitiveness and value to your brand. Scenta has a highly creative and quick response R&D team. They dedicate in developing new systems and upgrading exist line according to market trends. We have the honor to service for hospitality industry, brand retail stores,conference building, auto dealers, shopping centre,entertainment center and home so far. Scent marketing Scent Marketing is a rising sales tool which stimulates potential customer behavious by olfactory advertising. Scent branding A comfortable environment with light, elegant and natural scent will create a deeper impression on customers in the process of consumption. An…

  • 12 2020-04
    You Need an Aroma Diffuser or a Humidifier?

    In modern society, people stay at home longer than before, because they realize that home is the best place to relax and refresh themself. And people would like to buy household appliances to improve the home environment, such as the recently hot-sales humidifier and aromatherapy machine. However, many people do not know how to choose the product that they need? Then this article will let you know which product you need. What are the aroma diffuser and the humidifier? Aroma diffuser: specially designed for essential oil users, it can be added pure essential oil alone (waterless), or essential oil plus water. When you add essential oils and water into it, it can not only increase the humidity of the air but also spread the aroma molecules.  Humidifier: The main function of the humidifier is to humidify, only add fresh water. What are the differences between an aroma diffuser and a humidifier? 1.Working principle…

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